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Who are we ?

What is Nacer records

Nacer Record is a huge record label founded by The fine arts teacher Tobok Abdennacer it holds a large quantity of videos,pictures and news about art and culture .

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Brief look at Tobok Abdennacer’s life

Abdennacer tobok the son of Mohammed Abdelkader born in 1964 the 22nd of April in Aoulef he took his primary and alimentary education in Ourgla and studied highschool between Adrar and Oran

After finishing highschool he attended the fine art school Ben Tafil for teachers in Telemcen 1984/1985

Taking the route of a Realism and abstract artist he stands now on 46 Exhibitions in the world of Paiting,Photography,film making,and graphic design

His interest are in Culture and heritage and scriptures and collecting them

He represented the state of Adrar in many national and international exhibitions .

He works now as a fine arts teacher and a reporter for Adrar’s radio station

Also does a bit of stage work and acting

Published the book “رجل من ذاك الزمان” «a man from another time » which has earned multiple national and international awards (the first place award for artistic creativity 1985) (the award of the first Algerian salon meeting 1986)

Husband and father of three .